Intellectual property is often a complex matter and its rules are likely to change substantially from one country to another. This training will give you an overview of the main intellectual property rights in Luxembourg, but also at European and international level where common procedures have been put in place.

We are sure that through the various modules offered, you will acquire a lot of knowledge about IP and its related matters, and know where to find relevant IP information for your daily business.

Training objectives
  • To provide a practical approach to the basics principles governing the recognition and protection of intangible assets in businesses.
  • To explain the main characteristics, functions and criteria of the different IP rights: patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, etc.
  • To provide an overview of confidential information issues and trade secrets.
  • To give an insight into the exploitation of intellectual property and the strategic business use of patents and database information.
  • To introduce the methodologies used for valuation of intangible assets and strategies for their valorisation.


The course is divided into 16 modules (40 to 60 hours of training) allowing learners to customise the course path to their needs. The course is based on the use of practical examples to illustrate theory. It includes a lot of concrete case studies, animations, interactive exercises with graduation and immediate feedback. An access to additional activities allowing you to go further into some specific topics is also proposed.

For each module, one or several referent tutors will be at your disposal to answer your questions and help you in your learning progression, do not hesitate to contact them!


The course is based on the results of a Leonardo da Vinci European project involving a consortium of European experts.