In this module you will learn about the world of patent, one of the most important intellectual property protection instruments available. From the definition of the patent concept, the patentability criteria, the patent structure... to the patent laws and procedures and infringement situations, you will be introduced progressively to this complex matter with the help of illustrations and exercises.

Estimated duration: 4 hours

The mark is a marketing tool allowing the purchasers of products or services to recognise these products and services as originating from a specific trader in this market. Trademarks are valuable intangible assets that can be protected indefinitely.

Therefore it is important to understand what a trademark is and how to protect it. This module will not only explain you the different trademark registration criteria and the broader protection coverage well-known trademarks benefit from, but you will also have an insight into the different trademark registration procedures. Furthermore you will learn about infringement and what is meant by passing off strategy.

Estimated duration: 2 hours.

Design adds a special value to your product that competitors do not have, the demand of customers who wants an attractive product could also be increased. Creativity is rewarded and boosts the economic progress. Through this module you will study the intellectual property right able to protect the creative activity of design. At the end of the module, you shall be able to define design and to understand how and under which requirements can design be protected. You shall also be able to identify and distinguish the ways for protecting design.

Estimated duration: 2 hours.

Nowadays, literary and artistic property and rights related to copyright are everywhere: computer software; any drawing, map, chart or plan; photographs and films; architectural works; sculptures; sound recordings; TV and radio broadcasts. The question is not only to protect the creator right, but also to respect the right holder of third parties.
This module will present and explain you the concept of copyright, the kind of work that is protectable, the relationship between copyright and other types of right, the principle that underlies this type of right, the rights attached in order to better tackle this IP right.

Estimated duration: 2 hours.

With the increasing importance of information and communication technologies in the past decade, matters related with software, databases and Internet have became of strategic issues for a lot of firms.

In this module, we will present the problems to face to and the last solutions developed to tackle with these recent matters.

Estimated duration: 3 hours.